The other woman

the-other-womanCameron Diaz; I mean the super woman, age is like making her look better and better.

Lessile Mann; gorgeous, funny, a woman to be jealous of.

Kate Upton; well I had to read her bio to appreciate her.  Besides her body, yes she has a brain.  The hottest supermodel on earth played the role of the hottest supermodel other woman.

The movie; waited a long time to watch it.  Funny, summerish, girly, light.  This is the kind of film you wait to rent on dvd and watch with friends.  I don’t expect much at the box office, but you never know.


Veronica Mars

vmIt was nice to go back in time with Veronica.  I’m a crime stories lover and the movie was a light version of Law and Order for me.

Not exactly the movie you pay to see but definitely a movie you wait to watch on tv.


47 Ronin vs Transcendence

What movies I tried to watch the last few days?


Well, Transcendence; fell asleep during the movie, I was very tired of course but I must admit it was kind of slow, a lullaby.  Didn’t see the end, woke up next morning wondering what the hell was I watching.  Oh, something with computers.








47Next day 47 Ronin; like a new version of The last Samurai, fell asleep 30 minutes before the end.  Woke up  next morning wondering what had happened.









Conclusion; both stories couldn’t keep me up, but to be honest I will definitely watch 47 Ronin today.  Sorry Johnny.

Friends with Benefits


I’m not that into Timberlake but I have to admit he is doing almost everything perfect.  Saturday evening and I wanted something light, funny, romantic, colorful to watch like “Friends with Benefits”.   In all his movies his done a perfect job.  Compared to bigger names who supposedly have talent he is much a better actor.  And Mila Kunis, liked everything I’ve watched so far from her.

Thor: The Dark World

thorFinally, I saw something this week that found me leaving the room with a smile on my face, applauding happily.

I saw a full movie and even if Loki didn’t appear in the end I was sure there was a 3rd coming because I thought “there’s no way they’re leaving Asgard with no King” and then BOOM.  Perfect, just perfect.

Now, that’s what I call an ending.  Ending is so important, more than the movie itself.  Imagine eating a great meal at the best restaurant and the finally byte tastes like sh…  That’s what you will always remember.

I went to Rome once, I had a blast, but the last day we went out really late for dinner, everything was closed so we chose to eat someplace I don’t want to remember.  That’s what I remember.  The only difference is, I can go back Rome once more and rewrite my experience but when you give the movie to the audience, well there’s no way you can take back time to rewrite the script.  What’s done, is done.

The Counselor?

tcWhen you hear big names joining there talents on-screen you imagine huge things coming.  Huge is your imagination and disappointment.  Of course everyone has their own opinion and this is mine: the movie sucked, I understood nothing, I fell asleep and if Penelope Cruz was not Penelope but some random actress I would have to say “very strong and convincing acting”.

The Hunger games: Catching Fire


hg2Bad bad ending. I waited for something to happen and it did. I got pissed. Ok, I already knew that there was another hunger games movie on the road but that ending… There she lies like Bella Swan on Twilight thinking about who knows what, maybe the baby she never had (lol), I wasn’t convinced at all.   Don’t know what they were thinking. Bad bad ending.

P.S.  Overall nice movie, superb actors and very sorry to hear about Philip Seymour Hoffman…………………………