Pretty Little Liars and the Big A Reveal

It’s been a while with the baby and all, but I was tempted with this Big A Reveal we all stayed up to watch the seasons finale yesterday.  I need more space than twitter can give me to sum up.

I watch Pretty Little Liars mainly for the cast.  Everyone including the four girls are amazing.  I honestly didn’t care who A was.  I know you don’t believe me.  It’s not always about the plot, sometimes you watch something just because you love it, the actors, the places, the soundtrack, the colors and so on.  Think of that magazine you get to buy every month, you may not read the entire thing but you still love the smell, the cover.  Something like that.

But since we’re getting there, to knowing who A is, it’s been five years after all and we still have two seasons on the road, I must admit, I was a little disappointed by the A reveal.  I’m sure Marlene King has bigger plans for PLL but I’m going to tell you what I don’t like so far, hoping that this will change since they are still writing the whole damn thing.

That’s what I don’t like.  They are still writing the whole damn thing.  They change the story line accordingly.  And even though this is expected in TV we are now here facing two As.  So in the end I’d rather see Mona cooperating with A from the very first beginning and not that another A stole A from A.

Another annoying thing about adding new stories is “I hope you can back up your old story”.  Big A managed extremely difficult things.  He/She has been everywhere and everyone, you fart and you get a text “That’s a smelly one bitch -A”  

I want to believe that we’ll get the answers we deserve for being so devoted fans.  The why and the how.