Men are just all the same

Yes, they are.  They can only tell what you haven’t done right but not what you have given, what you have succeeded.  This is something my husband does a lot.  He won’t recognize all my daily achievements but if something is not done, well, that will be our night conversation.  And I’m not hoping on this ever changing.

And just when I thought that this was something only my husband could do, one of my bosses shook my head.  If I ever had to be criticized for my work they would only see what I haven’t achieved, so I must try harder.  Yeap he told me so, not to misunderstand it but take it under advise.  I have to choose my priorities he said, make no mistake that no one will save my ass if and when I miss something.  Of course he recognized that I’m working that ass off for the last 7 years, but still my friends hearing him say that I need to try more made me think “I’m working on an official public holiday for you, you could have waited until tomorrow”.

But then again, I thought to my self, men are just all the same, they need us to be perfect and this is not an exception, at least I’m getting paid, right?


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